pool maintenance

 Maintenance for

Pools and Spas.

Weekly – Monthly – Seasonal Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance

Maintenance for pools and spas is not so different from a glass of water – a highly complex environment that is sensitive to all the stimulus around it: wind, rain, and sun; air quality; the influence of people; and nature itself. Just as you wouldn’t drink a glass of water that had sat out in the open for weeks on end, you wouldn’t want to swim in a pool under the same circumstances. Keeping it clear, clean, and refreshing is a challenge for any homeowner – except those who use CPR Complete Pool Repair;s weekly service.

Check Filter Pressure                        Test Chlorine/Bromine

Test pH                                               Test Cyanuric Acid

Test Alkalinity                                      Test Hardness

Clean Pump Strainer Basket              Clean Cartridge Filter

Backwash Sand Filter                         Backwash and Recharge D. E. Filter

Fill Chemical Feeder                           Check Heater Operation

Clean Skimmer Baskets                     Clean Auto Vac Filter

Scrub Tile Border                                Clean Diving Board and Stand

Rinse Deck Area                                 Skim Pool Surface

Replace Cartridge with Clean One      Clean Rails

Brush Pool Walls and Floor                 Vacuum Pool

Shock Pool                                           Discuss Service with Pool Owner

Pool Auto Cover Maintenance

With the touch of a button, you can cover your pool when it’s not in use – whether for a season, or for a day when young children are nearby and you want to keep them out of the pool. When you buy an auto cover, you have a significant investment in your outdoor environment. CPR Complete Pool Repair will make sure you choose the right cover, and will keep up it so it always works effortlessly when you need it.

  • Our automatic pool cover service includes:
  • Lubricate all pulleys
  • Grease all fittings
  • Adjust cover tracking
  • Flush dirt from tracks
  • Tighten loose screws
  • Clean cover
  • Protect cover
  • Clean housing
  • Clean pump
  • Wipe down unit
  • We also give a visual 14 Point Evaluation. We will let know you of any part that needs repair or replacement.
  • Motor switch
  • Drive system
  • Brackets
  • Cover
  • Rope
  • Wheel or slider
  • Tracks and screws
  • Guide feeder
  • Box drain
  • Lid, hinge and supports
  • Pulleys
  • Shifting function
  • Sheer pin and bolts
  • Box for structure

Safety Tips

Keep your cover closed and key switch locked when not in use. Store key to prevent unauthorized access. Please keep cover pump on cover when closed to prevent damage or accidental drowning.


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